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Sunday, 13 March 2016

REVIEW: "Tragic"

A “tragic” fate shall befall you if you don't
click on this picture to enlarge it, so as to enjoy it
in all its glorious details.

The shortest strip in the series, and the last devoted to the ridiculous melodramaticness of Phantom Manor:  the “official” backstory for the attraction includes the fact that the devilish figure of the Phantom is probably Mélanie the Bride's father, the nefarious Henry Ravenswood, 's ghost.  After thinking about this, Kelly came up with this, which is really hilarious. And indeed, what kind of a weird relationship must those two ghosts have in their daily life. The art, including the perspective effect and Mélanie's usual exaggerated facial expression of utter sadness, are excellent (if I wanted to nitpick, I would say that the Phantom doesn't really have red glowing eyes, but I'll refrain from it because it adds to the overall effect). Another pointless nitpicking would be that since they're ghosts (who presumably mostly haunt in “gloomy darkness”), they probably wouldn't have a bedtime at all, but once again, nitpick, not actual criticism.

Overall, in spite of its shortness, this panel is really, really well-done; a highlight. 

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