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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Welcome ladies and gentlemen !

Welcome, welcome everybody to this Disney Comics Reviews blog that I would rather have named Disney Comics Reviews and Stuffs if it had not been a little too long and unprofessional-looking.

What is this blog about ? The title may have already given you a clue, but if it's really that desperately needed, let's spell it loud: I am going to review Disney Comics. And stuff.

By the name, you might guess that this blog is somewhat inspired by GeoX's amazing Duck Comics Revue blog. But I'm not ripping off or rivaling this earlier DCR, for two reasons: first, as the name of our respective blogs imply, mine is not only about Disney Ducks, while his is (mostly); and the "and stuff" that is not actually there (but I'll still act like it is) even broadens it a little more. Second, because this blog is meant as a complement to GeoX's, I will try not to review the same stories he does/did (aside, of course, from classics like Rosa's Life and Times).

Be warned, non-Disney comics or non-comics Disney might be added along the way. That's what the "and stuff" would stand for. 

But mostly, what I'll review will be part of what I call the "D.E.U.", or Disney Expanded Universe, which is what you get when you take the Disney comics and the classic cartoons as the basis and take every cameo they include as canon (for instance, Cinderella is part of it because of the stories where Jacq, Gus and Lucifer are seen with Grandma Duck, and so is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because of the countless amount of stories where the Seven Dwarfs interact with comic regulars like Li'L Bad Wolf or even Donald Duck). 

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